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Trieste Mini Maker Faire

May 20, 2014 Categories: Activity. No Comments

This Saturday was Faire Day: the beautiful little town called Miramare hosted the first Trieste Mini Maker Faire. It is so awesome to have a Maker Faire that close to our headquartiers that we could’t miss the opportunity to attend. We’ve seen friends from CrunchLab and StratoLab, and Teotronico was there, too! We also met […]

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Radioamatore Fair

April 30, 2014 Categories: Activity. No Comments

This weekend our team was at the “Radioamatore” fair in Pordenone. We met a lot of interesting people and made a lot of new connections. StratoLab We met the people behind StratoLab, an after-school project with an ambitious goal: send a balloon into the stratosphere. Of course, we informed them that we’re working on a […]

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At the Robot & Makers fair

March 29, 2014 Categories: promotion. Tags: earthbeat, fair, maker, and robot. No Comments

This weekend we are showcasing EarthBeat at the Robot & Makers fair in Milano, Italy. For everyone that that saw EarthBeat at the fair, a more complete description can be found in our wiki. Python code and schematics will be available on GitHub soon!

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Earthbeat v2 Part II

March 17, 2014 Categories: Activity and Project updates. Tags: cd-rom, earthbeat, and laser. No Comments

We already explained about Earthbeat’s future, but a mystery still stand: what external sensor are we going to use? Fear not, for I’ll tell you soon enough! Let’s talk about CD-ROMs The CD-ROM drive is a sophisticated piece of electronics, mechanics and optics. The tracks on a CD-ROM are just wide and apart, so the […]

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Test etchings and latest news

February 19, 2014 Categories: Activity. Tags: bromograph and test. No Comments

Bromograph testing Last Sunday we tested the big bromograph we repaired not so long ago. We did some exposure tests and noticed that it took more than ten minutes for the boards to develop properly! We were more happy than surprised though, as slow exposure is good as you don’t have to be as precise […]

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EarthBeat v2

February 18, 2014 Categories: Project updates. Tags: earthbeat and project. 3 Comments

Some time ago we started thinking about building a better EarthBeat based on the input we received at the Maker Faire Rome. The first thing we wanted to change was the damping mechanism. Then, some geologists we met at the faire suggested we could do an active measurement instead. Let’s see what these things are: […]

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RadioAmatore Fair

November 22, 2013 Categories: Activity. 2 Comments

At the Fair This weekend we were invited by the PNLUG to show our EarthBeat at the LinuxArena 2 booth in the RadioAmatore fair in Pordenone. We gladly accepted, of course, and did a last check before loading everything into Aljaž’s car. After an hour drive we arrived at the fair and quickly set everything […]

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Server solved, bromograph building

October 22, 2013 Categories: Activity. No Comments

We finally solved the server issues: it looks like the linux kernel doesn’t support the DVD drive we used! After exchanging it with a supported one, the install went on without any problems. We worked on the bromograph and there were awful smells as Aljaž cut the scanner’s plastic enclosure. We fitted the LCD display, […]

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Back from Maker Faire Rome

October 14, 2013 Categories: Activity. No Comments

Maker Faire Rome: the Weekend While we were amazed and excited by the people’s reaction to EarthBeat on Friday, we were absolutely overwhelmed by it during the weekend. In the first hours of Saturday we already gave away all of the project flyers and most of the business cards. Everyone was staring at each other, […]

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Maker Faire Rome

October 3, 2013 Categories: Miscellaneous. Tags: earthbeat and maker faire rome. No Comments

Maker Faire Rome started today, and the project we worked for the past couple of months, Earthbeat, is finally ready. Last days There was a lot of unfortunate events in the last days before our departure. Sunday, when the boards were finished, we tested them and no board worked properly. There was a little panicking, […]

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