Official launch detected!

Hello folks!
We have set an official launch date! So come by 25/05/2012 at 18:30
at our HQ, located in via Montello 9, Gorizia!

We’ll talk about who we are, what we want do to and our plans for the future! We will have cookies.

If you can’t stop by on our official launch date, we will be at our HQ Saturday and Sunday, each Saturday and Sunday! Feel free to come by and take a look! (Of course cookies are not guaranteed, thanks Pharanoise)


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  1. Vkmi says:

    Concurrently with the international towel day! Great choice!

  2. g5pw says:

    Yes! And I completely forgot about that!

  3. Pharanoise says:

    You forgot to warn that, if one isn’t present at the launch, but reaches us later on, on Saturday or Sunday, cookies might not be present.

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